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Lara & Family! Page 1

Hello Lara, Gernot, Amanda, Jim, Tammy, Brenda & Harry! 

Thanks so much for booking this shoot with us! It was so great to see you all again and to meet Jim and Tammy.

We've spread these photos out over three pages for practicality. This is Page 1, here are Page 2 and Page 3 (there are also links near the top of the pages).

Really hope you like the photos! We had tons of fun and we hope they reflect that. Let us know if there's anything we can do in terms of head-swaps on the group shots, or any retouching at all (blemishes, wrinkles, eye-bags and teeth fixing are some of the more common requests). I don't think any of you folks need that stuff but it's no problem at all if you'd like to see what we can do.