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Awesome photographers in St Albans. Family & baby photos outdoors or at home. Beautiful, affordable photography.


Meet us

About Yokan

Yokan was born in Spring 2014. Started by two friends who love photography and people. We grew tired of the contrived nature of a studio environment and started Yokan as a pet project which has become our passion and our job. We love our work.

We're committed to driving family photography in a better direction. Our mission is to deliver amazing, beautiful photography to all of our clients while keeping our prices simple and affordable.

Fun is important to us. We love to encourage families to have as much of it as possible when with us for shoots. 

We love to take you on adventures. We think that if we can make sure you have loads of real fun while we take the photos, they'll not only be amazing images but we'll create and capture an experience you'll want to remember. Something a little more special.



Matt's an amazing photographer. A meticulous eye for detail, a taste for fun and (possibly after a coffee or two) a boundless supply of energy mean he's able to put clients of all shapes and sizes totally at ease in front of the camera and (even with the most energetic and mad youngsters) get consistently awesome photos! | 07940 526460


Charlie is a very tall, slightly geeky photography lover. 

Charlie is a bit of a photography nerd who is always searching for new innovations to set Yokan apart, or planning his next great adventure to exercise his love of taking photos of rugged landscapes. You can view some of his travel photos here.

When he’s not busy with all things Yokan, you can find Charlie clambering around canyons in the desert, or marvelling at Nordic glacier lakes. | 07809 230000