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St Albans Dance Academy

Hello, St Albans Dance School People! 

We've put together this page so that you can find and purchase photos from the classes and the portion of the dress-rehearsal that we managed to cover. If you have any trouble accessing or ordering photos, please let us know and we'll be very quick to help!

Click here to view the full selection of photos. Make sure you note down the image reference numbers (e.g. O7A0000 or IMG_0000) of any photos you'd like to order, and then fill in the form below. In the ordering section of the form, only fill in the sections that you want to order from (for example, if you want to order digital images, put your image reference numbers in the "Digital images" box. If you don't want to order any prints, leave those sections blank).


DIGITAL IMAGES - £30 - Includes all of the images of any individual child. Full resolution, copyright free. With this option you can make an unlimited number of prints at any size you like. (To be extra clear: £30 buys all of the photos of any individual child - it isn't £30 per image)

10x8 inch print - £20

9x6 inch print - £17

6x4 inch print - £15


The easiest way to pay is through direct bank transfer. If this is alright with you, pop your name in the payment reference so that we know who's paying! Here are our bank details:


Account Number: 17468140

Sort Code: 60-18-11


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