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Awesome photographers in St Albans. Family & baby photos outdoors or at home. Beautiful, affordable photography.


How it Works


Our offer

We offer photography sessions for free, and each session includes a free full resolution, copyright free digital image. You're more than welcome to purchase extra photos, but there's absolutely no obligation.

Which image you get for free is entirely up to you - we don't choose it for you - and you're welcome to print and share it as much as you like. 

The reason we offer a free shoot is simple: We want to make it as easy as possible for folks to enjoy a photography session with us, and without worrying about how much they might spend. 

To get an idea of how we sell our photos and what our prices are, check out our pricing page here.

What to Expect

Our first priority is fun. We believe that as long as you and your family are enjoying yourselves, as long as nobody has to force a smile, and as long as your shoot is an experience you'll actually want to remember forever, we'll be able to capture something special.

We want our photography to be timeless. We want to create images that stir up a smile every time you see them. We think the best way to do this is by leaving the studio environment behind and coming to your home or meeting somewhere special for an adventure.

Click on the map to discover some of our favourite locations

Click on the map to discover some of our favourite locations

Where do we meet?

We're based in St Albans and Chigwell, and love to travel all over!

We can visit you for your photography session in the comfort of your own home, or we can meet in a location that we'll choose together. 

We love discovering new places. Click on the map to the left to see some of our favourites. We're always looking for more - we'd love to hear any suggestions you might have.

 Whatever the weather or season, we can capture beautiful photos: Wellies and umbrellas in the rain, throwing the autumn leaves and if you're lucky, a wintery shoot with snowmen and snowballs.

Getting Prepared

When we book your session we can answer any questions and give you some proper advice.

It's worth having a little think about what to wear - our main suggestions are to keep things simple (plain clothes are best - not too many patterns or graphics) and coordinating colours from person to person will score you bonus points. Matching colours isn't necessary at all - just have a little think about what kind of colours look nice next to each other.

If you've got young children and we're doing a location shoot, it's well worth bringing snacks and drinks along to keep the little guys going: Usually a lot of running around is involved!


You're absolutely welcome to bring any special toys your children really love along - we've had footballs, toy dolls of all shapes and sizes, even a sock puppet on shoots and it all adds to the fun of the experience. We do advise not to bring too much along or it might get somewhat challenging to lug it all around.

After your shoot

Once we've finished taking your photos we'll spend time processing them and preparing a slide show of the very best photos from your session, which we'll bring over to show you in the comfort of your home.

We guarantee at least forty photos but sometimes it can be much more: It's not unheard of to have eighty or more to look at.

There's absolutely no pressure to purchase any photos - it's a super relaxed experience and just a case of sorting through the photos to find your favourites. We're there to help, and you can rely on us for honest opinions if you're having a hard time choosing!